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  • Author: Sonya Sepahban
  • Lessons "Unlearned"
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  • Author: Pawel Jaszczurowski
  • The Slack for Gamers that overtook Slack
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Wall Street Journal

Wednesday July 19, 2017, 4:20 pm ET


The S&P 500’s information-technology sector ended the day at 992.29, closing above its previous all-time high of 988.49 set in March 2000 at the peak of the dot-com bubble. Tech stocks are by far the best-performing among the index’s 11 sectors this year, up 23% after posting their ninth consecutive day of gains on Wednesday.

  • Author: JoinIN Team
  • New All-time high for the S&P 500 Technology Sector
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See if you've heard of most of these LA Startups who have raised over $100M.

  • Author: Sonya Sepahban
  • The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Greater LA (CB Insights)
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  • Author: Pawel Jaszczurowski
  • The Tenets of A/B Testing from Duolingo's Master Growth Hacker
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What if my site still doesnt read “Secure” in the url? Why is that?
The most common reason I’ve found is because of scripts or images that are being called into the page that dont contain the “https” prefix.
Make sure to go through all elements of all your pages, including any images, css, or scripts that are being called in and make sure they have the prefix “https” and not “http”.

  • Author: Arsames Qajar
  • Heroku, Godaddy and SSL Certs walk into a Bar
  • #Coding/Programming
  • Author: JoinIN Team
  • Startup Diversity and Leadership
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“In the future, a robot will simply be a physical entity controlled by artificial intelligence interacting with the world. In a few years, we’ll have robots that look like us that we can control from afar. Called avatars, this will enable us to be there without traveling, for example, give a speech, mingle with the audience, cook a meal, visit with a loved one, do rescues, perform remote surgery, and many other tasks. Robots are already carrying out missions in dangerous environments (as the French did recently in a terrorist incident).

To me, the most exciting future mission of robots will be to carry out medical interventions inside our body. I recently swallowed such a robot, which went through my digestive tract sending signals and movies to look for problems (I was fine!). In the 2030s, these medical robots will be blood cell sized. They’ll start out by delivering medications to precise places where they are needed. Ultimately, they will extend our immune system to kill pathogens (such as cancer cells), carry out micro surgery (such as removing plaque from our arteries), augment the function of failing organs, and a myriad of other health interventions.”

- Ray Kurzwei

  • Author: Arsames Qajar
  • What is a robot?
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Highlight here to start!

  • Author: Heather Wetzler
  • Joan C. Williams is one of the top researchers in the world when it comes to gender bias at work - piece she just wrote for Harvard Business Review on why Sexual Harassment is particularly bad in venture capital.
  • #Human Resources
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