Frequently Asked Questions
JoinIN is a "professional marketplace of ideas and knowhow online and offline." The platform seamlessly integrates virtual and physical worlds to help startups, students, alumni, mentors, and globally distributed enterprise teams engage, collaborate, and innovate.
League is the whole community. You can browse it and invite people to your playbook and/or huddles Playbooks are virtual containers for ideas, projects, goals, etc. Please note to start collaborating, you need at least one Playbook about a project, an idea or an area of expertise or knowhow. Huddles are events or meetings where people get together in the physical world. You can link Playbook(s) with a Huddle to provide background and context for an event, and also to allow collaborating after the event. A Play is any input posted to a Playbook, like an innovative idea, an article, a piece of advice, referral, job, product, service, etc. You can search for or create Plays yourself, or you can invite Teammates (from the League) to add plays to your playbook.
Yes. You can live chat with anyone on the platform. You can also add people to chat in a group.
Newsfeed contains the latest stuff, like latest users, plays, playbooks, and huddles (unless they are private).
Go to your profile, by clicking on the top right corner where your photo/initials are.
No. Playbooks, Plays, and Huddles can be public or private.
To collaborate online, you’ll start by creating a Playbook.
  • Select Create a Playbook from the left hand side menu on the Newsfeed page, or from the pulldown under the Playbooks in the Navigation bar
  • Fill out all the fields. You can also upload an image or a file. At the bottom of the page, you can link the Playbook to the Huddle you just created (and then you can see it there, if you go back to your Huddle page)
  • Now you can create Plays in the Playbook. These are individual pieces of information like helpful information on the internship program, articles, references, information about partner organizations, etc.
  • Add Teammates to your Playbook if you want others to be able to collaborate with you and add Plays to your Playbook as well. You can also search the League for other community members, Invite others off platform to join your Playbook or Huddles.
To collaborate offline, you can search for a Huddle and sign up to go to it, or you can call your own Huddle following the below steps.
  • Select "Call a Huddle" from the left hand side menu on the Newsfeed page, or from the Navigation bar under Huddles. Then fill out all the fields.
  • Notice you can set the price to zero if you're not charging for the event. If you are charging, we will deduct the stripe fee and send you the proceeds AFTER the payments from the attendees have cleared.
  • After you submit the listing, you can see it under your profile as a Huddle that you have called and you can invite people to it.
    • Go to your profile, by clicking on the top right corner where your photo/initials are.
    • Select "Huddles" from the bar below your profile summary
    • Under Huddles, select "Huddles I have called"
    • Then select the one you just called by clicking on the tile, and then "Invite Teammates" to put in e-mails of all those you'd like to invite to your meeting. An e-mail will be automatically generated to all those invited, and you can see as they sign up for the event by going back to your Huddle page.