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Larry Tang || Closed || 427 views ||

DSO433 group for Mixalot

Team #3

 Mixalot is a patent-pending software that automates pairing or grouping people for face-to-face interactions based on their personal preferences. The software was originally developed to automate the labor intensive tasks involved in running live speed dating events but has proven to be useful in many other types of networking events that involve pairing or grouping people based on personal preferences or interests. At Mixalot, we partner with event organizers and promoters to use our software to scale their events, reduce workload, and increase revenue. Our team has extensive experience in planning and executing all types of events, including speed dating. The software’s functionality and user experience design is constantly expanding and we are launching straight speed dating and business networking events in 2017. Our team is currently working diligently to identify and improve the process in order to ensure the success for Mixalot. 

business dev

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2017

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