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6-6-17 JoinIN Huddle on Steve Blank's "Value Proposition"

This is a Playbook for continued discussion and collaboration among the six awesome founders at our 6-6-17 Huddle on Steve Blank's "Value Proposition," a key topic in his Lean Launchpad course.  To stay in touch and collaborate, please create your own Play in this Playbook.  You can also chat directly with each other or with a group.

The companies (or ideas) and their founders are:

  • Gigi Desai: SmartBag
  • Gina Brucato: Poochables
  • Jeff Murcia: GorillaHollywood
  • Michal Clements: TroubleMakersAtLarge
  • Milan Bhosekar: (Idea)
  • Pawel Jaszczurowski: Enterprise Mentorship (idea)

Also with us were several JoinIN members including: Arsames Qajar, JoinIN CTO, Jeannette Kremer, Assistant, and Sonya Sepahban, JoinIN Mentor and Investor

Please also see the "Value Proposition Playbook

Let's keep collaborating!


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Posted on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

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