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Breaking Through Startup Roadblocks

by Heidi Hubbeling

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Get a window into the collaborative environment of the Preccelerator Program accelerator for early stage startups!  Join us for an interactive session on breaking through the roadblocks that startups face in the early stages.

In addition to advice from your peers, we will have business and legal experts present to give you guidance.  

If you have a specific business dilemna that you would like to have addressed at this session, please send it to hhubbeling@stubbsalderton.com.  We will choose 6-8 questions to address at this event.

Food and refreshments provided!

Look forward to seeing you there!  

Date and Time

Monday, November 14th, 2016 at 5:00-8:00

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General Business Venture Capital

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Heidi Hubbeling

Heidi Hubbeling is the Director of Marketing for top Southern California startup law firm Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP. She also is the Director of Operations of their Santa Monica-based Preccelerator Program, an accelerator program for early-stage startup companies which provides business setup, co-working space, networking, education, mentorship and valuable perks to its participants. Heidi’s experience in professional services marketing, relationship building, business development strategy and entrepreneurship spans 14 years.

Breaking Through Startup Roadblocks
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