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Luncheon with SAM Preccelerator and JoinIN

by Sonya Sepahban

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Come find out about the SAM Precceleartor for early seed companies, and also sit in on a presentation and demo of JoinIN at this luncheon.  

Meet the founder and Director of SAM Preccelreator, Heidi Hubbeling.  The SAM Preccelerator Program offers select start-up companies interim office space, sophisticated legal services, mentorship and access to strategic perks portfolio with the objective of helping you grow your idea from business concept to funded startup.

The JoinIN platform seamlessly integrates the virtual and physical worlds to help startups and globally distributed enterprise teams engage, collaborate, and innovate.  JoinIN uses the spots analogy where Playbooks are virtual journals of ideas, projects, and Huddles are events or meetings to collaborate with peers and mentors in person.


Date and Time

Monday, November 7th, 2016 at 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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General Business

Sonya Sepahban

Sonya Sepahban is an Angel investor, Board member, and Entrepreneur. She has combined her engineering background and deep expertise in technology and product development to build some of the most advanced systems in the US and around the world. As an angel, she is most interested in mobility, cyber, energy, clean tech, bio, enterprise SAAS, IoT, EdTech, and brings unique insights to B2B and B2G companies. Driven by her passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, Sonya recently co-founded PropelWorks, with its first product, JoinIN, where startups meet in small groups to learn, get answers and personalized feedback. She believes that beyond connecting, entrepreneurs need mentorship and support, which are critical to economic prosperity and transforming lives in communities around the globe. Sonya’s career spans world-class high tech organizations such as NASA and several major aerospace and technology companies. Her most recent role was a Senior Vice President at General Dynamics, where she had significant P&L responsibility for Land Systems new product development and technology portfolio worldwide. Sonya currently serves on the Boards of Cooper Standard, a leading global supplier in the automotive industry, and Genomenon, a high growth bio-informatics company. She is an angel investor, and serves on the five-member Investment Committee of the largest Angel Fund in Michigan (MAF). Sonya advises and mentors entrepreneurs in her spare time. She is also a private pilot and enjoys traveling.

Luncheon with SAM Preccelerator and JoinIN
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