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Startup Collaboration and Mentorship

by JoinIN Team

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Starting a business can be lonely! Entrepreneurs often need encouragement from the only people on the planet who truly understand the trials and tribulations of starting something from scratch - their peers. They also need a "sounding board," connections to additional resources, and fresh ideas for successfully running their businesses.

This huddle provides a safe and friendly environment for entrepreneurs who have already launched a business or are thinking of starting one, and who want to receive (and provide) peer-to-peer mentoring and support.  

The session is facilitated by key player(s) in the Silicon Beach community to help guide the conversation as needed.

Date and Time

Thursday, December 15th, 2016 at 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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JoinIN Team

JoinIN IS THE PROFESSIONAL MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS AND KNOWHOW ONLINE AND OFFLINE, seamlessly integrating the virtual and physical worlds to help startups and globally distributed enterprise teams engage, collaborate, and innovate. We use the sports analogy. Collaboration starts with Playbooks which provide context for your ideas, projects, etc. Huddles are events or meetings where you can get together in the physical world. A Play is any input that can be added to a Playbook, like an article, a piece of advice, referral, job, product, service, etc. Your Playbooks and Huddles can be public or private, and can be linked together to provide context for building relationships online and offline, before, during and after meetings and events.

Startup Collaboration and Mentorship
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